On my bookshelf (II) – The evolution of self-help

I’m terrible at art, but have recently decided to give it a go for want of things to do. Because I lack an artistic imagination, I decided to start off by drawing things I can see; and from my preferred relaxing spot in my room I can see my bookshelf, on which are several books. This gave me the idea to sketch book covers as a starting point, which also gives me variety of fonts, colours and shapes to play around with.

I discovered the e-book version of What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 by Tina Seelig while idly browsing the Kindle app on my iPad- I’d completely forgotten I had it. It’s a gung-ho guide for young graduates finding their way in the world, with chapters like “The Secret Sauce of Silicon Valley” and “Turn Lemonade into Helicopters”. This may have been slightly useful to me even a year ago, when I could still afford to have some sort of future aspirations, but no more; so I decided to sketch a version of the book I’d like to have now in addition to the original one. I used the magical app Paper for iPad, and I call this “The Evolution of Self-Help”:




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2 Responses to On my bookshelf (II) – The evolution of self-help

  1. Kriti Bajaj says:

    I kind of want to read “Go Ahead, Be an Asshole”….
    Also, cool art. The very fact that it’s legible earns you kudos :p

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